Publishing Guidelines

Publishing Guidelines


The following guidelines are designed to provide our audience with the best possible experience for timely and useful information on technology news, how-tos, reviews, rumors, and more.


  • While we require a high standard for all our content, we are particularly strict with our News content which must adhere to traditional journalistic values of original reporting and honest attribution.


  • We aim to be a leading online platform for trendy news stories. Since our articles can affect the perspective of millions, it’s important that our writers have a deep understanding of the ethics of the journalism profession.


  • Own what you submit. We require transparency from our authors. Please include your full name, contact information, and accurate information on your sources. Anonymous submissions will not be considered.


  • Proficiency in the English language is an absolute must. We require flawless grammar and well-structured writing.



We require article submissions as Microsoft Word documents. Please submit your document in as “plain text” as possible. Do not submit HTML, PDFs or otherwise. Formatting exceptions include bold text, hyperlinks, and text underlines.


Taste and Tone:

In Journalism culture, opinions can be controversial and stubborn. Therefore we must weigh content as possibly offensive or biased. While we focus on factual report, we admire  competition and provide unbiased information. Your writing voice must be unbiased and factual to coincide with our philosophy. Absolutely no articles with profanity will be considered for publication.


Corrections and Clarifications:

If an article you wrote needs to be updated, please contact our editor at  to have your article updated with new information, clarifying unclear information, or publishing an article.