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Over 200 APC Support Groups Write Buhari, decry neglect after PMB won election

Nov 02, 2017
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Over 200 APC Support Groups Write Buhari, decry neglect after PMB won election
Your Excellency,
It is with a deep sense of responsibility, respect and humility that I write you this letter hoping and believing that issues raised here would be addressed with mutual understanding for us to achieve greater success in governance our party and of course the Support Groups. And I pray and hope that, the need may not arise again for me to write you “So long an open letter”.
Sir, I used the words “Sense of responsibility” because like you I’m carrying the burden of leadership responsibility as the organising Secretary of the “Coalition of APC Support Groups” “respect” not only because you have been graciously graced by God with age but, also that, you are leading the whole of us consequent upon your well guarded qualities of Honesty and Sincerity of purpose, and “humility” because even in our today where realities have been altered to fit extreme-pre-occupation with self interest and where people speak of truth, more often than not, they are indeed professing deceit and spreading preposterous lies, modesty however, still remain respected and held in a very high esteem.
I am writing this letter not because of me, but, because of the aforementioned responsibility which brought me under intense pressure, ridicule and worst of all the challenge of grave incompetence thrown at the entire team by members. But, before I go to the details, I believe a brief introduction of what the “Coalition of APC Support Groups stands for will serve to illuminate the points being made here, in the paragraphs that follows.
When APC was conceived and delivered, a lot of enthusiastic Nigerians variously, came up with the idea to group themselves under its plat-form in order, to drive home the need to desire a positive change for the country.
The APC as a party recognized the importance of such great move by giving official letters of recognition to individual groups who met certain requirements numbering close to Two hundred (200) across the country. This move further justifies our conviction that finally, once again, here comes a platform in the history of our nation where the big and selected few will no longer run our lives, one that will give every member the opportunity to make the most of their potentials. That this is not one that will tell us (after elections) that we are on our own, but, one that realizes we rise and fall together as a people. That like me, my children will not require my assistance or that of anyone to go to school or get employed in government.
Also, a few-weeks to the general elections, the party leadership again recognized the wisdom in the proposal to harmonize the groups and named it the “Coalition of APC Support Groups” providing a steering leadership headed by Ambassador Lawal Mohammed Munir which was first Inaugurated on the 27/5/2015 with a three months mandate in which to conduct election but, the election was however, suspended and the advice of a consultant; International Republican Institute (IRI) an American political NGO was sought by the party for a way forward to the Support Groups. The company advised the party against having two captains on the same ship, (risk of having two elected bodies within the party) and the previous Ambassador Munir’s team was re-inaugurated on the 20-3-2017 which has also been expanded cutting across the six (6) geopolitical zones.
1. On Friday last week; 27/10/2017 we saw how Senator Ibrahim Lawal and Habu Ibrahim came to your office parading some people as members of the “Buhari Support Groups”. Sir, these Senators are liars, they do not own a group, all they did was to use the list of APC Support Groups bearing the names and phone numbers of respective coordinators to send text messages that they are a presidential committee set up by you to screen the groups (I have such messages in my phone as prove).
In fact when those that went in desperation and belief that they were truly set up by you discovered how they visit governors zone by zone to collect money in your name, they all left them. They are just one big re-energized axis of evil, seeking relevance in order to perpetrate the continuance of the traditional conception and institutions of high level corruption rather than a vehicle for cultural democratization and experimentation with new altogether wider institutions geared towards social, moral and welfare reconstruction, as contained in the letter our secretary MR. MAZI PETER OKORAPO wrote seeking your audience for the Coalition briefly explaining what we want to do for the groups and how we intend to do it. That was hijacked by someone in the admin section of your office and passed over to these senators who tried to implement it. The truth therefore, remains that we are APC Support Groups, who worked and campaigned for the party that brought you to power and our loyalty remains with your government which of course remain the government of our party, the APC. I would not be wrong to assume that Mr. President will not hope to outlive the party.
2. No member of the Coalition of APC Support Groups is given appointment or likely to be appointed, even when at least a name of a coordinator from the almost 200 groups was submitted to the committee on board appointment. This realization came to us on the 22nd September, 2011 in a meeting with your Senior Special Assistant Political and a Permanent Secretary representing the then acting SGF in the conference hall of the SGF’s office, where he confirmed to us what our chairman earlier told us, that truly he (Chairman) gave them the list and that they invited him at the committee level to inform him that the names were too much and that he should just give them about six to ten (6-10) names but he refused insisting that it has to be all or nobody and we collectively agreed with the chairman.
Sir, we agree with our chairman on the conviction that there is still a vibrant and effective symbolic creativity in the activity and expression of every single group even if it is now (because of elections are over) invisible, looked down on or spurned (by those who claim to love you more than us when in truth they are only notoriously afraid of being outshined) as we are a combination of the good, the bad, the ugly as well as the very best of excellence. In the Coalition of APC Support Groups you find seasoned professionals, Technocrats, experienced co-operate executives, accomplished diplomats as well as business men of substance who used their resources to campaign for APC at the grass root level across the country and even overseas. Therefore, with passionate sincerity, your Excellency, I wish to reiterate our stand that it has to be all or non at all.
3. Sir, as much as your promise to delivering democratic dividend remained true, the assertion however, continue to remain in obscurity in the mental frame of majority of eligible Nigerians And this is one issue that behoves not only your media aides to resolve the simple equation of the embedded truth, it also continue to remain an effrontery for the volunteers in the mould of APC Support Groups.
Set against these ground norms, the “Coalition of APC Support Groups” is in structure and practice necessarily the only strong arm of APC with jurisdiction and modus operandi to constantly counter these challenges and bring in system relevant behaviors to both our party and government but, the wheel of both leadership of CASG and coordinators of all groups is left rusty and abandoned.
This letter was intended to outline the politics involved in your leadership, the party and of course the Coalition of APC Support Groups, based on examination of my comprehensive experience as a loyal member, but, considering your schedule I have to break it and will be posting in parts weekly to ease the reading pressure.
Finally, your excellency, not minding the neglect of the Coalition of APC Support Groups with regards to issues highlighted, we are assuring you of total loyalty and commitment, as a mark of our covenant with the party and your leadership.
Thank you Mr. President.

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